You do not have to be an actor, musician, director, musical director or choreographer to share your time, talent and energy with Placer Community Theater. There are many other volunteer opportunities where you can apply your skills or learn a new one. (Yes, we will train you!) Placer Community Theater is 100% volunteer-run so we need people like you who are willing to come together to help make the magic you see on stage. It’s also a lot of fun and a great way to make new friends!

Below are some of the tasks that need to happen with almost every show. The volunteer job listing shows how these tasks fit into specific roles. Many of these jobs can be filled by a team of people who divide the work. If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities or would like more information, please contact info@placertheater.org.

Before the Show (Production)

Design set <> Design lighting plan <> Design costumes <> Obtain costumes <> Sew costumes <> Obtain required props and/or furniture <> Build sets <> Paint sets <> Attend rehearsals and note set changes, sound and lighting cues, etc. to assist Director. <> Install/hang lighting

Production Support

Organize and oversee auditions <> Manage show budget <> Ensure production is on schedule <> Design publicity plan <> Manage scheduling of publicity events <> Write press releases <> Take publicity photos at rehearsals and take photos of cast for program <> Make promotional videos of cast and show for social media <> Design artwork for production marketing <> Prepare the show’s program <> Ask local businesses to advertise in our program <> Ask businesses to display show poster

During the Show

Operate light board <> Operate the sound board <> Operate the sound mixer <> Operate the followspot <> Assist actors with putting on and taking off their microphones <> Help actors with hair and makeup <> Help actors make costume changes during the show <> Ensure props are in the right place <> Move scenery during set changes <> Call cues for lighting, sound, curtain and scene changes <> Ensure that each show runs smoothly <> Work in the ticket booth <> Greet patrons and hand out programs <> Assist with dessert service

Not Show-Specific

Be in the script committee <> Be in the scholarship committee <> Ask community members and businesses to donate to PCT <> Be on the planning team for the annual Great Gatsby Gala <> Be in the PCT booth at the Home Show or other community events <> Greet and provide guidance to patrons at special events

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