Theatre is important. It helps us consider new worlds and new perspectives. It helps us get away from our own lives for a few hours and immerse ourselves in someone else’s story.  It helps us feel connected with others as we share an experience in that darkened theatre. If you want to be involved with sponsoring theatre, there are a few ways to do it here at Placer Community Theater.  You can make a donation to PCT, you can pledge to be an Encourager, and/or you can buy an ad in one or more of our show programs.

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Make A Donation

You can help sponsor the artistic and philanthropic endeavors Placer Community Theater offers! Your contribution enables PCT to present between 2 and 4 theatrical productions per year and to improve the quality of those productions. Your monetary support allows PCT to continue to provide educational scholarships to local students majoring or minoring in the performing arts.

Placer Community Theater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your donation is tax deductible as permitted by law.

Sponsorship levels are:

  • Bedrock: up to $100
  • Quartz: $101-$250
  • Gold Dust: $251-$500
  • Nugget: $501-$1000
  • Mother Lode: $1001-$5000
  • Eureka!: over $5000

If you would like to contribute to PCT, mail your check payable to “Placer Community Theater” to the address below. Your generosity will be recognized in our shows’ programs.

Placer Community Theater

P.O. Box  4322

Auburn, CA 95604

Thank you!


Gold Dust

Charles Davidson ♦ David and Audrey Haines ♦ Ben and Gini Harwell ♦ Steve and Marion Linden ♦ Debra Oldziewski ♦ Kenneth and Sharon Winter


Ballantyne Family Trust ♦ Green Tree Ballet Company


Don Carey ♦ Lawrence and Linda Dorety ♦ Harlan and Helen Fritz ♦ Shawn and Katie Hardin ♦ Pam Melby ♦ Randy and Diane Ott ♦ Jesse and Maureen Roman ♦ Joseph Schloesser ♦ Joyce Silva ♦ Alana Szymanski


Emmy Abrahams ♦ Claire Bagley ♦ Booker Accountancy Company ♦ Kathleen Brace ♦ Constance Burns ♦ Warren Cain ♦ George and Shannon Delzer ♦ Francine Dupre ♦ Jim and Darlene Entwisle ♦ Bob and Sally Gardner ♦ Alexander Grambow ♦ William and Linda Hefti ♦ Barbara Kilborn ♦ Diane Krebs ♦ Lifecare Chiropractice ♦ Bob and Amy Linden ♦ Elizabeth McMurtie ♦ Christine Lovett ♦ Susan Nichols ♦ R Joe Papescrt ♦ John and Geraldine Paulsen ♦ Lorraine Poston ♦ Gordon and Rosemary Seck ♦ Connie Snowdon ♦ Stephanie Snyder ♦ Deborah Tesch ♦ Devora Weinapple ♦ Ken and Zinnia Windhotz ♦ Dean and Doreen Wood

Thank you to our Great Gatsby Gala sponsors!

Aexandra Roedder * Auburn Community Television – Philip Jacques * Auburn Symphony * Audrey Haines * Bel Air * Black Bear Diner * Charles Davidson * Cowpoke Foundation, Burt & Carol Braun * Darlene Entwisle * Dean & Doreen Wood * Depoe Bay Coffee Co. * Dinah Smith * General Gomez Arts & Event Center * Gerda Foncesca * Grace Earl * Ikeda’s Market * Incredible Pets * Jody Polhemus – The Massage Room * KAHI Radio * Kate Hall, Chef * Kris Martindale at Dragonfly Salon, Nevada City * Kristi Mowry and Salon G3, Old Town Auburn * Lake of the Pines Golf Club * Longhorn Meat Co. * Marilyn’s Fashion-a-tions * Mark Berry, massage therapist * Mickey’s Boots * Mike Holmes * Mobile Peticures * Naggiar Vineyards * Nicholson Blown Glass * Pamela Melby * Pescatore Vineyard and Winery * Raley’s * RenuHolisticHealth.com * Roper’s Jewelers * Safeway * SARTA * Susan Stecz * The Club Car * The Footpath * Trumpery Costumes * Vina Castellano Vineyard & Winery * West Coast Falconry * and the PCT Board of Directors        (Return to top)

Buy an Ad in our Show Program

Depending on the venue, your business’s ad will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people during one production. You can choose to advertise in one, two, or all three of our season’s shows by filling out the 2018-19 Season Ad Form. Let people know your business supports your local community theatre! (Return to top)








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