Placer Community Theater will be holding an open audition for the exciting musical that celebrates the 80s, The Wedding Singer, in Auburn on April 26 and 27. Performances will take place at the 350-seat historic State Theatre in Auburn with 9 shows spread over Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between July 12 and July 27, 2019. We need actors, singers, and dancers between 14-99 years! You are cordially invited to come have fun on stage with PCT this summer!

Audition Dates and Locations:

Come Friday, April 26, 6:30-9:30 OR come Saturday, April 27, 10:00 am -1:30 pm at Pamelot School of Dance 540 Wall Street Auburn. Auditioners need only attend ONE of the audition sessions. Auditions may also be available by appointment if production staff is able. Text 530-320-9823 to inquire about appointment. Callbacks (if needed) will be Sunday, April 28, 6:00-8:30 pm.

Background: The Wedding Singer is based on the film of the same name, released in 1998, which starred Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as Robbie and Julia. Set in 1985 Ridgefield, New Jersey, the film features central character, Robbie Hart, who is the lead singer in a band that is popular for wedding receptions. He is about to marry his longtime girlfriend, Linda. He meets Julia, who is working as a waitress at the banquet hall where Robbie often performs. Julia is waiting for her longtime boyfriend, Glen, to ask her to marry him. The next day, Linda leaves Robbie at the altar. Glen also finally pops the question to Julia, who accepts, but Glen has no interest in wedding planning and asks for Robbie’s help since he has so much wedding experience. Soon Julia and Robbie are feeling as though Glen is not the right guy for Julia — Robbie is. But Glen is financially successful — can Robbie even compete with a rich yuppie and win Julia’s heart?


  • Please bring an acting/performing resume and headshot if you have one.
  • Complete a PCT audition application; bring it with you to the audition.
  • Please prepare a short musical number (around 16 bars or less than one minute in length) to show off your vocals. You may perform to a recorded “karaoke” style track with no lead vocals. Remember to select a song that fits the show’s style, shows off your range and is in keeping with the role you want the most. You may play your own guitar or piano accompaniment as some major roles require playing an instrument.
  • Be ready and dressed to move or bring appropriate dance clothing and footwear with you. You will learn a short combination to allow our choreographer to see how you move.
  • Familiarize yourself with the show a bit — it will help you to have a feel for the characters. You will be asked to perform cold reading style from the script with a group of other actors. Audition scenes are limited; you may not read for the exact part you are hoping for. You will read at least once, maybe twice, but possibly no more. We are looking to get a feel for your ability to take on a different character and make it your own, but quickly.

*Direction by Amy Linden    *Vocal direction by David Williams   *Choreography by Maureen Roman

Click here for audition form

Major Roles and Descriptions

Robbie Hart (Rock Tenor, 20-35)  Vocal range top: C6 Vocal range bottom: B3A rock-star wannabe who is in demand on the wedding reception circuit. Strong singer who can adapt to different styles, Strong actor with solid comic timing. Ability to play guitar a plus, Basic dance movement required. Character should be sincere and charming — Robbie is a good guy, and a romantic who believes love is forever.

George (Tenor, strong falsetto, 20-35)  Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: C4. Strong character singer — must sing Boy George style ballad to rap. Ability to play keyboard a plus. George is long-haired band member with a slightly flamboyant, feminine manner, similar to Boy George. Basic dance movement needed.

Sammy (Tenor, 20-35)  Vocal range top: A5  Vocal range bottom: C4. Robbie’s best buddy, plays bass in Robbie’s band. Basic dance movement required, more dance a plus. Sammy tries to act like a manly tough guy, but he’s really a softie and has a crush on Holly.

Julia Sullivan (Soprano, 20-30)  Vocal range top: F5   Vocal range bottom: G3. Strong singer with ability to dance and move. Strong acting ability required. Julia is the pretty girl-next-door. She is truly nice and very caring.

Holly (Pop belter, 20-35) Vocal range top: E5   Vocal range bottom: A3. Holly is an 80’s party girl, promiscuous and always up for a good time, but wants to be loved and is looking for romantic fulfillment in all the wrong places. She is in love with Sammy. Dresses much like 80s pop stars with big hair and an early Madonna vibe. Must have solid comic timing.

Glen Guglia (Baritone, 30-45)  Vocal range top: B5  Vocal range bottom: D4. Needs good acting skills, singing skills, and ability to move well. Good looking and a braggart, Glen is Julia’s arrogant and rich fiance. A womanizer, he should appear a little older than Robbie and Julia. Villain type!

Rosie (Soprano/Alto, 60-80ish) Vocal range top: C5   Vocal range bottom: C4. Robbie’s grandmother who raised him, Rosie is motherly, sweet, loveable, but adventurous and always trying to remain “hip” despite her age. Needs to be able to rap, but also sing traditional musical theatre style, and move well and convincingly. Solid comic timing critical.

Linda (Rock belter, 20-35) Vocal range top: D5   Vocal range bottom: A3. Robbie’s fiancé who leaves him at the altar, Linda keeps Robbie around as a back-up plan and is more in love with the idea of Robbie being a rock star than she actually is with Robbie. Selfish, not very bright, but confident in herself. Very 80s rock look, like Joan Jett or Pat Benatar.

Angie (Soprano/Alto 35-50) Julia’s mother, strong character acting,movement skills and comic timing. Needs to be able to act late 20s and mid-40s.

Ensemble — Major song and dance numbers, plus lots of fun character features! Need solid dancers!

Couples (Harold & Debbie, Shane & Donatella, Crystal & Mookie); Wedding Guests; Stockbrokers; Celebrity Impersonators

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