Steve Whittaker

Steve Whittaker


Steve Whittaker has spent over 50 years as a professional Stage, Film, and TV Actor, Director, Designer and teacher.  He recently spent nine years directing/teaching on camera acting at the American Film Institute in L A, working exclusively with Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA actors.

He has held classes and taught private coaching for professional and amateur actors in L A, NYC, and Sacramento since 1975.

Mr. Whittaker began his acting career when he worked as a Deputy Sheriff opposite Marlon Brando in a film entitled “The Chase”. 

He did his first starring role opposite CHER in a film entitled  “Chastity”.

Since then he has worked on screen and stage with Jane Fonda, Robert Duvall, Clive Owen, James Coburn, Dennis Hopper, Don Johnson, Nick Nolte,, Angie Dickinson, Peter Strauss, Linda Evans, James Gammon, JoBeth Williams, Teri Garr, Margaret Blye, and Lassie among others. 

He was seen as a recurring character in the soap opera “Young And The Restless”, and he has over 40 TV credits ranging from “Bewitched”, to “Miami Vice”, to “Murder She Wrote” to “Simon and Simon”, and “Nash Bridges”, among others.  ON STAGE he has over 30 Director, Producer, Designer credits including directing everything from light comedy “Bus Stop”, to heavy drama, “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf” to Shakespeare, “The Merchant Of Venice” and “Macbeth”.  He has worked in both professional and community Theater.

Mr. Whittaker has also written a book entitled “Inside Out: The Art of Organic Acting”, to be published in the late summer.

He approaches acting from the inside, creating truthful and honest character behavior through the moment-to-moment inner life of the actor, while fulfilling the external demands of the given circumstances as put forth by the Author.

Learning from experience, he meets the first and most important demand of a Director or Teacher, he is a very patient man.

Productions with PCT

  • Director – Murders In The Heir – May 2022
The Chase
Miami Vice
Murder She Wrote
Simon & Simon
Nash Bridges
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